SLCS’ culture is to bring all resources to bear on behalf of each client and to do so on a timely basis. For each client we seek to first understand the dynamics of their unique circumstances so as to advise with the broadest understanding of all factors, including policy, relevant to the project or financing.  Our objective is to implement financially sound and economically beneficial transactions and outcomes for our clients.

A key feature of our qualifications is our analytical capabilities.  We utilize a full suite of analytical tools that rivals any major Wall Street firm.  Having been instrumental in the development of student loan finance, SLCS personnel have been on the cutting edge of analytical methodologies for many years, and currently help set the standard of excellence on Wall Street. This unique capability is equally beneficial to our municipal clients whether they be analytically driven such as housing or revolving fund issuers or more traditional issuers where analysis of, for example, refunding efficiency or debt capacity are paramount. Cash flow analysis is a core competency of SLCS that manifests in many assignments. SLCS’s cash flows, valuations and overall analytical credibility are widely recognized and accepted by financial industry participants, including public companies, rating agencies, financial institution regulators, major accounting firms and investors.

We constantly monitor capital market conditions so that we can properly advise clients on capital raising, debt issuance and derivative strategies, structures and market values.  We maintain a continuous dialogue with multiple underwriters and other market participants to ensure we are receiving the full breadth of market information.

As former investment bankers at major Wall Street firms, CFOs at prominent issuers and municipal financial advisory veterans, the professionals of SLCS have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of student loan and municipal finance. As a result, the scope of services we are able to offer clients is very broad and underscores the value we bring to each and every client relationship.

Our services to clients in our major practice disciplines are described below and include (but are not limited to) the following categories and examples of work:

  • New money and refinancing debt transactions
  • Capital Structure Design and Analysis, including subordinate and equity classes
  • Overall plan of finance design & management
  • Capital structure design, options and analysis
  • Cash flow and financial modeling, including rating agency cash flows
  • Ratings agency review and coordination
  • Financing team coordination and oversight
  • Financing transaction management and execution

  • Sell or Buy side representation
  • Mark-to-market valuations, one time or recurring
  • Financing covenant valuations
  • Management of Sale/Purchase process
  • Fairness opinions
  • Market insight and strategy

  • Investor reports
  • Rating agency surveillance reports
  • Trust monitoring & investor reporting
  • Financing covenant reporting
  • Issuer orders and trust infrastructure oversight
  • Loan servicer oversight and management
  • 15c2-12 compliance and other regulatory/reporting requirements
  • SLCS provides services for 26 Trusts with a par value of $15 billion

  • M&A plan design, analysis and impact on existing stakeholders
  • Identify market participants – strategic and financial
  • Manage due diligence process
  • Financing covenant evaluation and analysis
  • Economic analysis & impact
  • Enterprise valuations & fairness opinions
  • Bidding design and oversight
  • Process and transaction management

  • Advisory to senior management & boards
  • Identification and evaluation of market, product & services opportunities
  • Identification and evaluation of strategic and operating partnerships
  • Analysis of corporate capabilities, strengths and challenges
  • Market surveys and loan product development
  • Expected portfolio profitability and loss analysis
  • Financing options and analysis
  • Development of ongoing analytical, tracking and predictive modeling tools
  • Pro forma financials & profitability analysis